Stone Soup Devotional Offers Spiritual Sustenance

My husband, Damon Tempey, and I host a devotional gathering every Wednesday evening at 7 pm. This gathering is titled “Stone Soup Devotional.” When we started in early March, our guests were invited into our home for soup and prayer. After only two weeks and of necessity because of COVID-19 restrictions, our guests were no longer able to gather in our home, so our devotional was put on hold. We started again with a Zoom gathering in mid-May. While soup was no longer nourishing our bodies, our souls continued to be filled by “the holy ecstasy of prayer.”

Our gathering is limited to 30 minutes, so we do not become unduly fatigued or allow our attention to wander. All those in attendance select prayers of their own choosing. Often, I play a musical selection and may call attention to an inspirational photo. Screen share is “open,” and our guests are encouraged to bring inspirational videos and art to share.

A few hours before we start, email and WhatsApp reminders are sent. From one to four people join us. The devotional is paused only when we are out of town or if a Feast or Holy Day is taking place at the same time.

Though from different communities, we check in and support each other, and continue to grow spiritually closer through our weekly gathering for supplication at the Sacred Threshold.

Davison, Michigan