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This site is sponsored by the Regional Council for the Baha’is of the Midwest. The Baha’i Faith offers a vision of world unity. Its universal teachings come from the Prophet-Founder Baha’ullah and address the current spiritual and social needs of humanity. This website will help you discover its basic principles, find out more about local and regional community building efforts and help you explore a variety of resources related to personal and community transformtion.

“Let your vision be world embracing…”

One God, One Faith, One Human Family

Vision of a United World

  • Family Unity
  • United Communities
  • Unity of Religion
  • Racial Justice
  • World Unity

Building Community Together

  • Local websites and newsletters
  • Regional Learning
  • Teaching Stories
  • Regional and Community Institutions
  • Individual Initiatives

Learning Together

  • The Training Institute
  • Spiritual Education of Children
  • Developing responsible Adolescents
  • Letters from the Council
  • Regional Map

Racial Justice and Unity

  • Forging the PThe path to Racial Justice
  • Guidance from the Universal House of Justice
  • Guidance from the National Spiritual Assembly
  • Regional Racial Justice and Unity Forum

Recent Posts

  • 2023 ISGP Graduate Seminar at Louhelen Bahá’í School
    Apply by January 8, 2023 to attend June 30 – July 11, 2023. The National Spiritual Assembly is pleased to share that the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP) is now accepting applications for a graduate seminar, “Discourse and Social Transformation: Achieving Coherence,” to be offered at Louhelen Bahá’í School.
  • Louhelen 40th Anniversary Celebration

    Bring your family and friends to Louhelen on October 29 for a celebration of 40 years as a Bahá’í Center of Learning.

    When: October 29, 2022, starting at 10am.

    Where: Louhelen Bahá’í Center of Learning, 3208 S. State Rd, Davison, MI 48423.

  • Wilmette Institute Offers Course on Anti-Black Racism
    The Wilmette Institute is offering a virtual course, “Anti-Black Racism in the US and Building a Unified Society”. This course will increase your understanding of the history of racism. It examines anti-black racism and racial prejudice in North American society in some of its most serious manifestations.

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