Walking a Path Towards Race Unity

“We studied the topic of Race Amity, “Walking the Path Towards Race Unity and Oneness, Part II.” We read guidance from the Universal House of Justice and the Junior Youth empowerment program, “Walking the Path of Unity.” We had amazing consultation and all gained new insights on the topic of race unity, elimination of all prejudices and what changes can materialize in society to move the principles Baha’u’llah has given us to transform society to the forefront.”

— Milena Steckly, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Indiana Bahá’í Summer School — July 25-26

Indiana Summer school will be facilitated online, plus support for local and neighborhood activities.

The program will include Part II of a Study of Race Amity — invite your friends and neighbors — children’s classes, and refreshers on home visits and devotional gatherings.

There is no cost to attend. Click above for more details and a draft schedule.

Household Devotional Campaign

“In some cases, present conditions have created unexpected opportunities for widening community participation in devotional meetings and study circles, conducted with safety in mind.” Universal House of Justice, May 9, 2020, Strategy calls for the mobilization of the entire company of North American believers Letter to the Midwestern Region  28 May 2020 / 13 ‘Azamát (Grandeur) B.E. 177  To the followersContinue reading “Household Devotional Campaign”