Regional Council


Letter from the Universal House of Justice

15 September 2016
Addressed to the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States

What are the responsibilities of the Regional Council?

“overseeing the execution of the global Plan in areas under their jurisdiction by ensuring the steady advance of the two essential movements…”

  • Flow of believers through institute process
  • Advancement of geographic clusters along a continuum . .

Vital Obligations of Regional Councils

  1. “Closely collaborating with the Counsellors, Auxiliaries, as well as the training institute;
  2. “Ensuring the organic and timely emergence of appropriate structures at the sub-regional level and within clusters,
  3. “Increasing the capacity of cluster agencies,
  4. “Learning how to accelerate progress toward the establishment of intensive programs of growth and beyond in units associated with clusters serving as reservoirs,
  5. “Providing for the flow of resources and information necessary to support clusters along the continuum,
  6. “Fostering the capacity for learning among the friends at the grassroots to overcome all obstacles and sustain their progress cycle after cycle.”