Devotions Points of Light

Devotional meetings are occasions where any soul may enter, inhale the heavenly fragrances, experience the sweetness of prayer, meditate upon the Creative Word, be transported on the wings of the spirit, and commune with the one Beloved.

Universal House of Justice December 29, 2015

Note: As of 2022, this map is no longer updated

Please report devotional gatherings in your community to your local statistics officer or Local Spiritual Assembly.

Household devotional meetings light up the Midwest Region

Total Households hosting devotions: 237, as of 11/18/2021
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As we embark on the final year of the Plan, let us call to mind the words of the Universal House of Justice as it reminds us of the importance of devotional gatherings as a fundamental aspect of community life.

Feelings of fellowship and common cause are generated, particularly in the spiritually heightened conversations that naturally occur at such times and through which the “city of the human heart” may be opened. By convening a gathering for worship at which adults and children of any background are welcome, the spirit of the Mashriqu’l-Adhkár is evoked in any locality. Universal House of Justice December 29, 2015

Building on this profound concept, our National Spiritual Assembly set the following goal in its special Ridván 2020 message: … in this final year of the Plan, we ask that every Bahá’í household in the nation undertake the hosting of a regular devotional meeting.

Regional Bahá’í Council of the Midwestern States