Training Institute Holds Intensive Campaign

In short, the promotion of the Plan implies building capacity to walk the path of service in every time and season—which must surely include moments of acute peril in the life of humanity, such as now. It is essential, then, that the steps being taken to learn how to apply the Plan’s framework for action to the current circumstances of the world continue in earnest; in all likelihood, the global health crisis will have a direct impact on Bahá’í activities, to a greater or lesser degree, for months or even years, and the task of adapting to the situation cannot be postponed.

The Universal House of Justice, May 9 2020

The Midwest Region had its first ever Virtual Institute Campaign! This two-week long campaign went from late April into the beginning of May. During the campaign, groups met every day on Zoom to study the courses of the Ruhi Institute. Close to one hundred and fifty people from Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio all came together in a beautiful display of the vitality of the communities across our region! These dedicated souls studied for hours every day in their study circles, with some individuals even participating in multiple different studies! Books 1, 2, 3 (Grade 2), 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 were all studied during the campaign. This is the largest collective movement through the Institute that our region has ever seen, with so many studying and so many courses being offered. 

There was a special spirit to the friends coming together in this campaign during a time of isolation. The joy and love that was present in these study circles led to many becoming fast friends and feeling the truth of our spiritual kinship. At a time when we can see the forces of disintegration so strongly at work in the world, these friends came together to learn how to contribute to helping their communities and to the processes of integration! They came with hope and the vision of spreading the healing remedy of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation to all mankind. We could see another demonstration of what the Universal House of Justice described in its Naw-Ruz message: 

Though having to adapt to new circumstances, the believers have used creative means to strengthen bonds of friendship, and to foster among themselves and those known to them spiritual consciousness and qualities of tranquility, confidence, and reliance on God. The elevated conversations that have occurred as a result, whether remotely or in person, have been a source of comfort and inspiration to many. Such efforts on your part provide a valuable service at this hour when many souls are perplexed and dismayed, unsure of what will be. 

It is heartening to see that several study circles have decided to continue their study together, moving on to the other units and books. Others have made plans for staying in touch and maintaining contact with new-found friends. 

We look forward to witnessing the impact that our collective study will have on our communities. Stay on the lookout for details on future campaigns, where we’ll have the chance to come together for collective study and action again! 

Eric Rykwalder  MI-19
Regional Training Institute Coordinator     

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