Walking a Path Towards Race Unity

Indiana Bahá’i School Focuses on Race Amity 

I am a fourth-generation Bahá’í, will be 66 years old in August and I have never been to summer school! Before I retired, I had to work every Saturday so I was looking forward to retirement so I could do the things I was always unable to do. Then the Coronavirus hit and I, like everyone in the world, was affected and I was quarantined at home. Luckily, due to the magic of technology, I got to go to summer school for the first time in my life! And what a wonderful summer school our committee created, our Zoom masters launched and everyone had a great time from their own homes.  

We had plenary sessions which everyone attended. Children’s classes then went to break out rooms led by our youth. Thank you to our special youth who did a great job and are loved by all! We had amazingly spiritual and beautiful devotions and we stuck with the timing outlined in the agenda religiously. You could miss one section and return in an hour and be right back into the flow of things. Like magic, Zoom masters separated us into groups, we all had a room number, and when the time came to breakout into small discussion groups, the link appeared and one click and ZOOM, you were in your room with friends made throughout the weekend. 

We studied the topic of Race Amity, “Walking the Path Towards Race Unity and Oneness, Part II.” We read guidance from the Universal House of Justice and the Junior Youth empowerment program, “Walking the Path of Unity.” We had amazing consultation and all gained new insights on the topic of race unity, elimination of all prejudices and what changes can materialize in society to move the principles Baha’u’llah has given us to transform society to the forefront. 

The garden of humanity was present and many cultures celebrated. People came from many states and even Canada! Tennessee sent representatives to study what we did in our virtual summer school so they could copy what worked. We had a s’mores night in several locations, complete with masks and social distancing. It was noted how difficult it was to blow out a burning marshmallow with a mask on, but everyone adapted and had a great time.  

We also had a celebration of the arts, a sort of talent show that ended the weekend. We made many new friends, reunited with old friends, and a great time was had by all! 

Milena Steckly, Fort Wayne