Race Amity Walk Attracts Neighbors

Meridian Township, Michigan Bahá’ís Jesslyn, Ned, and Hyacinth invited friends and neighbors to join them on a second Neighborhood Walk for Race Amity on October 24.

Jesslyn and Ned had been talking about how they could respond to the guidance and messages from our national spiritual assembly to rise up and sponsor devotional gatherings. They prayed about their way forward, and consulted together.

Participants prepare for the walk by arranging flowers.

According to Ned, “We decided to invite our neighbors to a “neighborhood walk for race amity.” We developed a flier, printed it, and distributed it to 60 houses in our neighborhood, and also met with several neighbors during the distribution and also when we walked our dog. Our hope is to meet neighbors, start conversations, and teach the Faith through demonstration and elucidation of Its principles as well as in discussion.”

The event included devotions and inspirational readings. Six neighbors joined, four of whom were new since the previous walk two weeks prior, which drew 20 friends and neighbors. “The Baha’i Faith was mentioned explicitly during both walks,” Ned added.

Flyers (which included Ned’s email address) were distributed to attract participants. Now Meridian Township has a growing email contact list.

Future plans included a bonfire behind the Ingram/Walker home and more invites.

Ned Walker
Michigan, Lansing Area

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