Pandemic Grows Meditative Devotional

Here is how my meditation class became a devotional attended by a few Bahá’ís and lots of other interested souls. 

After meditating for several years, I found myself receiving so much more from Bahá’í prayers and readings. I wished to share this experience with my Bahá’í community, but frankly most of them don’t enjoy meditation in the same way I do. 

I had been teaching a chakra meditation class at my local library for a few years, and while they all knew me as a Bahá’í, I was not able to incorporate a religious element to the meditation in a public space. I yearned to create a bridge for these dear souls from meditation to spirituality. 

After Covid-19 hit, we were forced to discontinue the library classes. My group was feeling a lot of stress and begged me to continue in an online format. I experimented with various free modalities such as Facebook, and we struggled on. 

Last spring, Lisa Smits asked me to speak via Zoom at the Fort Wayne community fireside about how meditation helped me better connect to my spiritual nature. Here is that talk:

The Fort Wayne Bahá’ís were very receptive to my take on meditation supporting our spiritual nature, and offered their Zoom room for my meditation classes. This gave me the freedom and support I needed to create a “meditative devotional.” 

The format starts with guided relaxation to achieve a meditative state. Then I recite topical quotations from varied religious traditions, including a generous selection of my favorite Bahá’í Writings, interspersed with music on my flute. We end with silent meditation to allow the sacred nature of the Writings to transform our hearts and souls. Afterwards, some will stay to chat about their reactions to the quotes. This was the time for a lot of teaching by the Bahá’ís in attendance, since so many of the participants admired the beautiful quotes.

I am so grateful to Lisa and the Fort Wayne Bahá’í community for supporting this unique devotional effort. Most of my meditation class have enjoyed the new devotional format, which alternates with the other chakra meditation style. We have met almost every Wednesday at 7 p.m. throughout 2020. I estimate that over 50 friends of the Bahá’í Faith have attended for one or multiple sessions this year.

It is a wonder to me that Bahá’u’lláh has allowed me to be of service in a path so dear to my heart.

Dr. Jan Webber Sabet
Chagrin Falls, Ohio