Youth and Peace Building

2018 — Participants in the “Youth Peace-Building Devotional”

The June meeting of the Racial Justice and Unity Forum — “the best ever.”

On the evening of June 14, a handful of youth and their friends demonstrated the power of devotional meetings to use Bahá’u’lláh’s Words to transform lives and build community. The gathering on Zoom, attending by more than 50 participants, mostly older adults, touched hearts, opened minds and awakened souls, through music, visual arts and the power of the Creative Word.

A poster from one of 2020’s monthly devotional meetings

Debora Miller, described the meeting in effusive terms.  “This was by far my most favorite forum event; I actually felt a bridge connecting the generational divide and a real sense of joy in connecting. I am thrilled at the environment emerging from the organic process being navigated by this group of young adults. It seems to me to be mirroring the development of the Ruhi Institute learning approach.”

According to Dan Enslow of Bloomington, Indiana, “It moved us outside/above the box of just talking about U.S. Race Relations  …The topics brought to mind the energy and dynamics of the Early Christian Communities … finding strength and wisdom from new insights through prayer and the breaths of the Holy Spirit, and reaching out to change hearts with new love and hope for the future.”   

“That was among the more powerful and inspiring presentations I’ve seen/participated in…” wrote Dennis Stafford of Columbus, Ohio.