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Indiana Bahá'í Summer School Group Photo

(AKA Indiana Bahá’í Summer School — photo pre-pandemic)

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September 18, 2021, 10am – 5:30pm

Registration before September 11 preferred.

Cindi Bush, member of the school committee, writes:

The following powerful exhortation from “Abdu’l-Bahá stirs me. I am so glad that I get to serve on the Indiana Bahá’í Summer School Committee this year. It offers me a chance to be of service. The entire committee is very excited about the format this year! The school is virtual again this year, on Zoom. The actual Summer School will take place on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

“Ye must shine forth like the lightning, and raise up a clamoring like unto the great sea. Like a candle must ye shed your light, and even as the soft breezes of God must ye blow across the world. Even as sweet breaths from heavenly bowers, as musk-laden winds from the gardens of the Lord, must ye perfume the air for the people of knowledge, and even as the splendors shed by the true Sun, must ye illumine the hearts of humankind. For ye are the life-laden winds, ye are the jessamine-scents from the gardens of the saved. Bring then life to the dead, and awaken those who slumber. In the darkness of the world be ye radiant flames; in the sands of perdition, be ye wellsprings of the water of life, be ye guidance from the Lord God. Now is the time to serve, now is the time to be on fire. Know ye the value of this chance, this favorable juncture that is limitless grace, ere it slip from your hands.”

~ Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l‐Bahá

Why are we so excited? Because this year the discussion sessions are designed to help us formulate plans to use in our local area! All the group discussions will be with people from our area so that we can put our plans into action after the one-day school! (Yes, I am very enthusiastic.) The Committee is hoping for a great turnout, so that the discussion groups can be made up of friends in local areas that are known to each other. Plans will be built over the course of the day and will be put into action during the Fall.

Please consider bringing your whole family to this family-oriented event!

All are welcome: Bahá’ís, Friends of the Faith, Families, Children, Junior Youth, Youth, Adults

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