The Benefits of Hybrid Zoom Meetings

During the pandemic, friends previously unfamiliar with online meeting technology learned how to engage with others all around the globe via ZOOM. Now that communities have resumed in-person gatherings, they are applying knowledge gained to expand participation in events via Hybrid Zoom Meetings. While in-person meetings are preferred, the Hybrid model gives isolated people access to 19 Day Feasts, Children and Youth Classes, Study Circles, and much more. Here are some ways to set up a basic Hybrid Meeting.

Simple setup

The simplest approach for small meetings is to use a single device. The main challenge will probably be audio — ensuring that the remote participants can hear everybody, especially soft-spoken dialogue.


  • A reliable high-speed internet connection at the live meeting location.
  • A laptop computer (best for meeting management), tablet such as an iPad, or a phone

Setup Steps

  1. Set up the laptop (or another single device) so that both its screen and camera are pointing toward the in-person participants.
    • Ensure that no other devices in the room are connected to the meeting — or if they are, ensure their microphones and speakers are turned off.
  2. Point its screen and camera towards the in-person participants.

A more advanced setup

For better audio capability, you can separate the microphone, camera, and display between multiple devices. The main principle is to have only a single source of audio for the in-person portion of the meeting.


  • A reliable high-speed internet connection at the live meeting location.
  • A laptop computer — for display, microphone, and meeting management.
  • It is possible to do this with a smartphone or tablet, but using a laptop makes it easier to manage the meeting.
  • A phone or Bluetooth speaker/microphone
  • An external camera, secondary computer, or phone

Setup Steps

  1. If you have an external microphone or speaker, connect them to your laptop.
  2. Join the meeting with your laptop for audio, and as a display
  3. Use your phone as a camera. A tripod will be a big help.
    • Log into the same ZOOM account on your phone as you are logged into on your Laptop.
    • Join the meeting with your phone, with audio disabled. When you join, if you have an option to “Cancel” the audio connection, do that. Otherwise:
      • Android: tap screen > More menu > Disconnect Audio
      • iPhone: tap the More menu > Disconnect Audio

Help is available

Do you have questions? The Regional Council’s “Technical On-line Assistance Support Team” (TOAST) may be able to help — email

More guides

Here are two great YouTube videos for advice on equipment from basic to advanced: