Racial Justice and Unity Forum Launches

On September 14, 2020, the Regional Bahá’í Council hosted the first Racial Justice and Unity Forum for the Midwestern states. This was a delightful opportunity for Bahá’í s from three Midwestern states who are involved in race unity initiatives to come together to consult and share ideas about their own activities. This was the firstContinue reading “Racial Justice and Unity Forum Launches”

Indiana Bahá’í Summer School — July 25-26

Indiana Summer school will be facilitated online, plus support for local and neighborhood activities.

The program will include Part II of a Study of Race Amity — invite your friends and neighbors — children’s classes, and refreshers on home visits and devotional gatherings.

There is no cost to attend. Click above for more details and a draft schedule.

Household Devotional Campaign

“In some cases, present conditions have created unexpected opportunities for widening community participation in devotional meetings and study circles, conducted with safety in mind.” Universal House of Justice, May 9, 2020, Strategy calls for the mobilization of the entire company of North American believers Letter to the Midwestern Region  28 May 2020 / 13 ‘Azamát (Grandeur) B.E. 177  To the followersContinue reading “Household Devotional Campaign”

Midwest Teaching Conferences

 Central and Southwest Ohio Zoom gathering initiates “Grassroots”   teaching conferences Conferences have played a wonderful part in the history of our beloved Faith. In 1975, the Universal House of Justice wrote a letter to all National Spiritual Assemblies highlighting the critical role conferences play in the life of our communities:   “Teaching Conferences can have a great valueContinue reading “Midwest Teaching Conferences”